AgA Wi

Art Director, Artist, and Dancer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

AgA Wi

Art Director, Artist, and Dancer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I am an artist, professional dancer and art director currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. My interests range from photography to arts. I am also interested in fitness, dance, and yoga.

I'm AgA Wi. I'm well trained female art performer, professional dancer with exceptional movement and strong improvisational skills, artist with theatrical presence and experience, burlesque performer and sexy clown.I'm a versatile art performer.

As an art performer I'm specialize in improvisation and interaction with public.

I created several personas egos for myself as body artist and professional dancer I have various possibilities to offer (some links and pictures below). I'm mostly busy with art and dance performances and daily life and photo modeling with an added unique specialization in performance and character themes.

I've studied number of different dance styles: ballet, jazz, competitive dance, modern, street dance, hip-hop, african dance, belly dance, cabaret dance, disco, dance theatre... and more...

I'm based daily in classical ballet dance training, pointe shoes workout, fitness and yoga in Amsterdam.

I've graduated performing art school, majoring in theatre, dance and drama in Poland, were also worked with different dance and theatre companies in various shows and festivals.

I am always looking for interesting art projects, events, and creative jobs as a dancer, model, and art performer.

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