Agbana Olorunfemi

Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Web Developer in Lagos, Nigeria

It is nice meeting you here.

My name is Agbana Olorunfemi Olatunde. I am married with two lovely kids. I live in Lagos. Nigeria.

I love to write and speak about those things that make for effective living

I believe strongly the things that make people and organizations successful in life are intangible. The focus of my work is about these intangibles.

I also believe strongly everybody has the capacity to become much more than they are now. As a matter of fact it is a tragedy for anyone to be anything less than what God has given us the capacity to be. This is what my work does to help you find the inner strength to be fully you and to create in you an obsession about succeeding at work and winning at life.

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Twitter: @AgbanaFemi

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