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My name is Amanda and I am passionate about helping people realize their dreams! Weather you want to be an at home Mom or Dad a Poet or Photographer or juse some one that knows there ia more to life. What ever you dream, the life we live takes money! Kinda sucks, We were told as kids "grow up to be or do what ever you are passionate about." So, how do you get from A - Z? Here comes Nerium International and ME with a tool to help you create the income to live the life you want. Incredible opportunity - Full Time - Part Time - Spare Time Create the life you want don't just be sheep...BAAHHH 9-5 40 hours 40 years for 40% of your life times earnings!! UGGG Let us help you - become all that you can be - live the life you dream - by making small, smart decisions everyday to chase the 9-5 away !!