Brenden Moore

I have been in the anti-aging industry since 2001, researching nutrition, skin care and anti-aging technology to help connect my clients with high quality products and companies.

Our focus has recently shifted to new advancements in genetic based anti-aging products & technology. Thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs in the science of "epigenetics", we now know why and how we age at a genetic level.

The race is now on between the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical companies to be the first to develop a product to bring to market and essentially "bottle youth". We have absolutely won that race with ageLOC.

My "first" job is to take that huge swath of science and make it easy to understand for those who want to be the first to market and capitalize on this new trend.

My "second" job is to find new products and technologies that we can use to help our existing clients get immediate and long term results before they find them elsewhere.