Ageing Aficionados

Brenda Reginatto is a physiotherapist and gerontologist passionate about the care of older people. Over the years she developed strong background in long-term care environments including nursing home care and home care. Her main interests include person-centred care, patient / carer education and the use of technology to promote independent living among older people.

Deb Gale is an Apple Computer veteran, serial ex-pat and mother of five daughters. Her interest lies in optimizing the influence of the baby boomers now navigating the lengthening transition between midlife and old age. These extra decades offer the first ever chance to choose how to age. The remit is huge and demands product innovation, shifts in socio-cultural inclinations, bold policies and much higher expectations for the governance and behaviour of our established institutions.

Ina Voelcker is a gerontologist with particular interest in global ageing. Seven years of professional experience with older people in developing and developed countries and working with policymakers, advocates and researchers provide her with expertise on the "whys and hows" of addressing global ageing. Her interests focus on active ageing, age-friendly environments and how to improve older people's wellbeing through easy and cost effective interventions.

Brenda, Deb and Ina met in 2009 during their masters studies at King's College London. This is where the Ageing Aficionados came together. Their time at the Institute of Gerontology resulted in the deepening and broadening of their knowledge, curiosity and initiative with respect to ageing. The demographic transition currently underway is the megatrend for the new millennium and ageing is the next growing industry. Ageing Aficionados' interest lies in eliminating fear of and shifting attitudes on ageing. As modern citizens, we can catch and take hold of being old instead of continuing a charade of avoidance and denial.