Optimagenics Age Management Medicine

9 Scotts Road #03-06 Pacific Plaza 228210

We are a pioneer in the field of age management and a leader in its development. We base our operation on a highly scientific body of work and technical research from an array of disciplines that include general medicine, nutrition, exercise, hormone therapy, hypnosis and metabolism, just to name a few of the areas that are deeply related to the quality of life for seniors.

We are closely guided by Dr Sylvia Ramirez, a specialist in Age Management Medicine who has been certified by the Foundation of Care Management and holds certification in Age Management Medicine from CERF and AMMERF.

Our focus is to increase the quality of life for seniors and those who would otherwise be subjected to the gravity of age. We balance the nutritional developments of seniors at different ages and match that to our research while prescribing highly accurate exercise regiments and hormone optimization strategies. Together our program creates a formidable response to nutrition deficiencies in the aging population who seek our services, as well as mood management and irritability alleviation.

The philosophy behind Optimagenics is to stave off the degradation of quality of life with advanced research and study. The body of work that supports our strategy is immense and we put it to good use by helping our patient’s life their life with higher expectation of themselves and better appreciation for the quality of life that our program opens them up to.