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This luxury blog follows Miss Agent Luxe – follow and you will discover gorgeous places, luxurious fashion events and interesting people hailing from Paris.

Luxury is for everyone:

Some have prejudges about the people living a luxurious life; that it´s only the rich ones, and that they tend to be superficial. But is it so, and what is luxury in general?

Agent Luxe aims to prove that fashion and luxury are accessible to everyone. Besides, luxury can be many different things: A nice outing in a beautiful place, an unforgettable and surprising conversation with someone who achieved his goal, purchasing a one of a kind product that you wanted to acquire badly or being treated like a queen in a spa.

We can all put elements from the fashionable / luxurious lifestyle into our own lives, also if it means doing it bit by bit.

So it´s good to have:


Agent luxe interviews and features personalities from the fashion/luxury industry: Why and How they went on the bandwagon of success, their vision of the fashion industry.

We need role models: whether it is designers, artists, or other successful people. Because they provide us with inspiration and a greater understanding of: how is it possible to reach goals, dreams & success – what we should be aware of on the way- and what luxury is to them – you might end up seeing luxury from another perspective.

I wish for everyone to live their life a 100 percent, with a maximum joy, love, pleasure, fun, success & belief. So you can also find some propositions/ ideas for that as well on the blog:

A guide to the luxurious Paris

Agent Luxe is also: a guide to find the best and most fashionable places in Paris, a source of inspiration for special occasions, a reminder of special things that you can do on your own.

I hope that you will fulfill your dreams, and create a life that feels luxurious to you!.All the best intensions -

Agent Luxe