Jason Seeber

Jason Seeber is a serial entrepreneur and cofounder of The Wine Spies, LLC. His 20+ years as an entrepreneur have seen him involved in a wide array of industries, from software localization and plastics design & manufacturing to early web strategy consulting & ecommerce site construction for the Fotrune 100.

He has experienced spectacular failures and a few big successes. His greatest learning has come from the 'failures' along the way. And, although he is a big dreamer, he's learned the importance of quality execution - a habit learned from his current business partner.

His current company, The Wine Spies, is his biggest success to date. He oversees operations and is the public face of the company. He is known in the wine trade, only as "Agent Red".

Jason is a single father of two brilliant kids that he could not be more amazed by.

Recently, Jason was featured in these publications:

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On April 6th, 2011, be sure to pick up a copy of The New York Times!