Aghata Rae


I am a writer and an author of ELS books living in the beautiful city of Gdynia, Poland,
who happened to have committed some pretty darn good novels :)
Check out my debut one, "Oenone", and get ready for the upcoming book,
"Tangents vol.1", which will - undoubtedly - conquer the world :)

A huge fan of Canadian rockers from The Tea Party, sushi lover, cinema-goer, CDs collector,
proud owner the coolest mutt on the planet who is trying to put
together a Charles Bukowski PhD thesis (me, not the mutt, the mutt
prefers Scandinavian thrillers :) ).

Welcome to my world, you've been warned ! :)

I have published a book for ESL teachers "Teachign English Through Culture, Teaching Culture Through English", a collection of essays analyzng popular culture "Popkultura - pop czy kultura?" and my debut novel "Oenone". My articles have been published both in English in Polish in numerous magazines, for example: Forum for World Literature Studies, The Teacher, Top Guitar, Kino and Perkusista. I am currently a PhD student at the University of Gdansk.