Anil Ghimire


Native name Nepali: अनील घिमिरे
Born 1991 jul 1 Monday
Nationality Nepal
Religion Hinduism
Citizenship Nepal
Education Halchowk School
Occupation businessman
Anil Ghimire (Nepali: अनिल घिमिरे
(1991 jul 1 Monday , born ) is a Nepali businessman. He is the eldest son of Nil prasad Ghimire , president of Nepal's Ghimire Group (GG),[1] and grandson of founder and chairman of the Ghimire group, Anil is currently the managing director
Personal Life
studied in Halchowk School in Nepal and than went on to study at Njc School & T U Nepal [2] My brothers are Sunil Ghimire and Albish Ghimire Anil is unmarried
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