Annmarie Ghouralal

Annmarie Ghouralal

I am a mother of three beautiful and smart children.

I was divorced after 17 years of marriage and focussed primarily on raising my children to be morally , intellectually, and emotionally strong.

I was raised by a mother who showed me what great strength a woman could have.She was also divorced. Several years after her divorce she re-married a loving man, but he died leaving her a widow in her early 40's. After her death I discovered that she left notes to each of her four children and in mine her plea to me was to develop strength, as she saw that as a shortcoming in me. I worked on that , both at my paid job and in my domestic life. I made decisions in my life that I never thought I could have .

I retired from my job where I held the position of Branch Manager in one of the branches of the largest bank in Trinidad & Tobago. My career was not what I had chosen. It was a need to take care of myself and my kids. Nevertheless I enjoyed my job and worked the hardest I could.

I still have that yearning to be a bio-chemist , which was the career I had hoped to pursue. However due to financial constraints I had to abandon that dream but pursued another, that of being a mother. Ah ! what a great job. Difficult but rewarding. My strength for these two jobs came from my faith in God.

As a retired person I still try to keep up as far as possible with science, technology, world affairs and just about any and everything.

I have beautiful, caring sisters and friends.

Throughout my lifetime I have discovered so much about who I am.