Aghyad Saleh

Dallas, Fort Worth - Texas

Dedicated software engineer offering strong skills in software and database development and analysis. Possesses proven experience in eCommerce and web applications test-driven & behavior-driven development (TDD/BDD) with Ruby on Rails, including integration with mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Specialties - I work on a daily-basis with:

Ruby, Ruby on Rails (v2.3+), Rails apps migration (from v2 to v3), TDD/BDD (with Cucumber, RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, Webrat & Selenium, ... etc), SQL with MySQL, PostgreSQL, GIT, Apache, Passenger, Nginx, Unicorn, on Linux & Mac OS X, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, JSON, XML, XSLT

Other Skills - I have done some work recently with:

Facebook and Twitter apps development, JRuby, Node.js, C/C++, Java, PHP (CakePHP and Zend), Objective-C, iOS (Cocoa Touch), Oracle database, Microsoft SQL, Android, OpenGL, Agile, Assembly, and Computer Hardware Maintenance A+.

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    • University of North Texas