Agnes Chikan

At the moment, I am teaching at English Language Program, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. I have had an adventurous life journey form my home town in Hungary to my present position.

After graduating with a dual degree in TESOL and Biology, I taught English on all levels and life science related subjects in a bilingual high school in Hungary.

My life drastically changed when I won a Fulbright Teacher Exchange Scholarship. This branch of Fulbright is a direct exchange between an American and an international teacher. I taught science and biology in Central Oregon.

My husband decided to have his own adventure in the USA, so he started working on his PhD in Chemistry, which made us move to Kansas, where I became the first certified ESL teacher. We also lived in Berkeley, California, where he was a postdoc at the National Lab. After moving 10 times in 10 years, we finally settled down in Kansas, where my husband works as a professor.

Even as a little girl, I enjoyed teaching and meeting people who are different from me. At K-State we a huge language school with a large Asian and Arabic population. I feel honored to teach them academic English and learn from them.