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The Agile Way
At QAIT DevLabs, we follow Agile development methodologies in all our software engineering efforts. We have adapted our agile practices in a way that best suits building products from scratch as well re-building or sustaining existing software products. Read further to know how our practices bring into play the below principles from the Agile Manifesto.

mplementing Agile Manifesto

"Satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable Software. Deliver working Software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference for the shorter timescale"

Every project starts with a master planning that determines high level features for the product, best estimates and mapping/splitting them into small releasable chunks. These chunks are short development/QA efforts labeled as a Sprint. Typically we prefer a 2 week Sprint schedule. Every Sprint starts with a planning meeting that outlines a clear path to achieve the deliverables over the duration of the Sprint. Meticulous planning taking into account backlogs, and expecting unknowns along with daily tracking ensures that we never deviate from the plan.

Strong focus on Testing and Requirements
Our adaptation of agile puts a strong focus on testing. However, managing testing in such a fast moving and fast changing development environment is challenging. Hence, we take a phase lag approach wherein the test cycles lag a phase/Sprint behind the development cycles. What gets built in Sprint N gets tested in Sprint N+1. Similarly a thorough analysis of requirements for features to be built in Sprint N along with detailed test case writing is carried out a phase before in Sprint N-1. The end result yet remains the same, that every 2 weeks, a usable product is released to the customer.

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