Agile Red

Powerful writer, engaging voice. Aware of the beauty of the world and actively capturing it in mind. Involved with human destiny, vigorously present, playfully functional. Engaging knowledge with virtue, running hard with ethics, and generating human insight that is immediate and socially functional.

Stories, short or long, are always born of engaged mind and the primal energies of the body expressing their own play. Without the powerul feeling of a body surging through adversity, the sensory play of discovery, forms actively engaging the moving field of the senses, creating joy and leading deeper into adventure, without mind's concentrated race down every impossible slope, without it's primal joyful rest in every hot, soothing oasis, there is no story, no true presence.

Until the end of history, no technology and no medium will outpace this. Not in literature, not in movies, not in our journalism and magazines, nothing beats the power and immediacy of human voice. The best of everything will always remain powerfully human.

From 140 characters all the way throughout the history of culture, it's all right here, the play of this one moment and all its forms, endlessly finding their better way, their more immediate path.

And it's permanently human and exceedingly powerful.