Max Puckett

Student in Tennessee

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♦ Hi !!! I'm Max

♦ 15

♦ he or they pronouns !!

♦ Pan >:3c

★ My Bday is August 22 ★

♥ I like a Loooooot of stuff

♥ Osomatsu-San, Paranatural, Undertale, SU, only cool stuff.

♥ My friends, My dog and cats, Myself, Aalen

♥ I like to draw, play lame video games, and read sometimes.

🎀 Social Media 🎀

Peach: maxpuckett

Twitter: Skelesanz

FR: Skelesanz

Skype: arofluxjake

I like to think I'm Very friendly! Feel free to talk to me whenever you like <3 (⌐■w■)