Andrew Glen

Penn, UK

I started programming in the Easter holidays when I was 12 because I thought it would be an interesting project. I started with Objective-C because I wanted to develop apps for iOS, even though I'd dabbled in a little JavaScript beforehand. The tutorials from started me off, and then I began to learn things from StackOverflow and Ray Wenderlich.

Since then, I've had 5 apps accepted into the App Store, worked with a designer and my father (he writes the internet APIs), and convinced both my school, Davenies, and SAP to buy my apps. To see my best work, look up LoudCrowd_Challenge on the App Store.

I reccently took the Westminster Challenge, scholarship examinations to Westminster College, and was awarded a place there. I hope to one day become an iOS Engineer for Apple or join a team such as Evernote, Facebook or FiftyThree.

If you have an App idea, don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter (@glen_andrew) as I'm always looking to expand my Portfolio!

  • Education
    • Westminster College