eris schweighart


hello there. the name is eris schweighart. son hyeri is my korean name (unofficial) lee sarang is the stage name. filipino is my citizenship. my blood type is AB. yes, i'm a royal blood. i'm the queen, problem? breathing since august five. (not telling my age) i'm not that smart but i know a lot of things. sometimes i can be mysterious. i can also be cold whenever i'm not in the mood of making an conversation with a person or if i hate you (but tbh i hate people). but talk to me, okay? don't be afraid. i don't bite. i'm only nice to a person if they're nice to me. and no, i'm not a bipolar person.and me? fluent in speaking sarcasm? nah, i don't think so. dancing and singing is my forte. my dream is to be an artist under yg entertainment but, i don't think it won't happen so i've decided to become a chef or an crime investigator someday. yes, i love investigating and cooking. i also love eating. chachi, ian, justin are my rolemodels. i love english songs,jpop and kpop. favorite american singer/band? justin bieber, one direction, 5 seconds of summer, R5, selena gomez, glee and many more. favorite anime? one piece and chihayafuryu. favorite kpop bands? well, wa$$up, 2NE1, infinite, BAP, exo, alphaBAT, big bang, CNBLUE, SNSD, NU'EST, teen top and many more.