Agnello Dsouza

Thank you for your time to read through my profile

I currently work as a Manager ( DevOps Consultant ) for Cognizant . I have about 10 yrs of work experience and worked for product based as well as service based companies like Netcore solutions , , Vodafone GLobal .

Here is a summary of the various past experiences as DevOps / Linux Systems engineer over the last few years , starting with the most current job .


-- Was involved in managing devops team and operations Capgemini , Have been hands on in setup up of proactive monitoring tools like Logstash and Nagios ( writing few custom nagios plugins too, an interesting one being integration alert via Whatsapp ) , newrelic .

-- Have created various Jenkins jobs for automated git deployment of code on DEV, QA , staging and Production environments . Have integrated jenkins to run ansible and puppet scripts for QA / STAGING / PROD stack provisioning of servers in AWS .

-- Have worked with important AWS services like EC2 , ELB , CloudFront, Elasticcache , S3 , RDS, Route53 , autoscaling and used cloudformation. -- Ours is LAMP based application and within the stack we have provisioned architecture that uses components like Varnish , HAproxy , Solr , apache , ( APC caching for PHP ) , memcache .

-- Have written scripts in python which include the AWS modules to launch based on load through our nagios alerts . We have provisioned these in two Availability Zones ( AZ ) for high availability . -- Most the learning is done through interactions with other projects within capgemini, online Videos, blogs and PDF . Recently attended a Meet up for Ansible .

Few of the important technologies i have been working on :

1. AWS ( EC2 , ELB , CloudFront, Elasticcache , S3 , RDS, Route53 , autoscaling and used cloudformation)

2. HAproxy , Nginx , apache

3. mysql ( mater-salve replication)

4. ELK ( elasticsearch , Logstash , Kibana )

5. Nagios and plugin development

6. Jenkins , puppet and Ansible

7. scripting languages in Python , perl , shell scripting