agnes zondo

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

I’m a 3rd year student teacher at the University of Johannesburg, I’m an African young lady. I study life sciences and isiZulu as my majors and I have learned a lot these past 2 years. I’m a hardworking person, determined and ambitious. I love working with people but my leadership skills are a bit poor and that is one of my weaknesses but I’m good at communicating and at team work.
My interests are writing poetry, reading novels and human evolution.
I want to learn about technology in this fast paced world we live in due to the fact that most things are being used online, such as internet banking, online shopping, computer based learning and teaching in some schools and even educational games that are introduced to learners.
I have already subscribed to slideshare that is where I get to share my work with other students and my lecturers.
I use technology in my learning because I write tests and submit assignments on Edu link and I do receive marks, all of that is computer based, as for my teaching I haven’t used any technology expect using google to search for information for my learners.

  • Education