Agne Savickaite

Barcelona Spain

Life is about constant change and self discovery. We search for jobs, activities and interests that allow us to express ourselves, to achieve self-realization and to make our life meaningful. Social connections make a big part of that, because you never know what a new person in life can bring to you. By living and working so far in 4 different countries I can just affirm that people that surround us, that we sometimes meet just for a glimpse, might and actually do have a great impact in our lives. I have learned so much and I got interested in so many things thanks to the people that I met and it have definitely shaped me into a person that I am now. I still find it hard to define myself except of being constant learner and keeping continuously pushing my limits. My interests vary so much: CrossFit, nutrition, social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, social entrepreneurship, philosophy, NGO, volunteering, PR, self development, psychology... You name it...

  • Work
    • Searching for a new opportunities in Montreal
  • Education
    • Vilnius University
    • McGill University