I am Agnes, and I live everywhere.

Connection to place, time and chance (or the chronology of things) through the people that embody it, are what have led me to write this blog. To document how the human traits of movement, strength, and adaptability craft our presence in a community. To the power of story-telling, shop letting, book-selling that can be found in every corner of any city, town, village in the world and yet... gains its unique character through the individual and the specific chronology they find themselves in.

I reserve a special focus to independent commerce (i.e a record shop, a lemonade stall), as I feel this age-old form of human presence and contact is so very crucial in defining identity. In making life.

Transaction is connection. There is history in connection; think how the main street in your town may have changed during the centuries. Most importantly, try to imagine how they have remained similar through their humanity; their human history.

What is their present?