Agnes Österberg

Stockholm, Sweden.

My name is Agnes and I am 16 years old. I live with my mother in the middle of nowhere but most of the time I am with my bf at his house wich also is 10 minutes from school and that is a relief every morning.

I am a very honest person, I say exactly everything that I want to say. But I am also a person who can see so much good in only one person, I'm trying to never judge before I know someone. Because I hate when it happens to me.

Nowadays I see myself like a strong women and I am selfconfident. But that don't make me a bitch. I don't walking around on the streets and screams "Look everybody how goregeous I am" because I don't even think I am that goregeous but I am perfect as I am but still I have some flaws but that's what makes me gorgeous!

There was a time when I hated myself and day after day just kept complaining on myself, but then I learned that you should never be afraid to think you look good. Because confident is shining right through you and that makes people say "Wow, who is she?" and that kind of expression is the one everybody wants to have.

I love my friends, my bf and my mother! My dad is an alcholic who only cares about himself and I love cats. Have two of them. Messini and Shottas. My babys <3

  • Education
    • High School Fredrika Bremer, Merika