unfunney man

gay in New York

unfunney man

gay in New York

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hello! you can call me finn or makoto nyaa


Rui Ninomiya | Agnés Oblige

Makoto Tachibana | Yuno Gasai

Camilla (Nohrian Scum)

Junko Enoshima | Momo Kisaragi

you can still follow me if we share kins i dont really care like i'll tag u instead of me i dont understand kins that mych like idk so sorry if im a dumb bich

he/him/they/she/her/them/it/its bitch/bitchself are okay, i dont care, call me whatever. i'm a white, ENFP-T, true good (neutral good), super gay kid.

i have professionally diagnosed anxiety, and if you ever see me stressed, sending me cute animal pictures would help alot.

my typing skills arent great imo i say nya sometimes.

i play Battle Girl High School, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Bravely Default.

i'm in the danganronpa, gatchaman crowds, and mekakucity actors fandoms

you dont have to tag stuff for me lol im literally not triggered by anything.

if you need to contact me, DM me for my phone number, and

-my kik is @softwinks

-my vent is @softuwu

-my twitter is @softuwu


i really hope we can be friends!

dm me: "true despair" to show that you've read this.