Student in İstanbul, Turkey

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Daring to pair a homemade tulle skirt with a leather jacket and army boots at a black tie reception. Remembering verbatim what a friend told me on a particular day a decade ago. Walking through a room and then being able to describe every detail of it. These are just some of the traits that make me uniquely me. When not busy teaching yoga or working as editor of food magazine, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, getting hammered and dancing on tables. I am a social butterfly who loves establishing connections with new people, exploring the local social scene and hitting the local second hand markets to buy and then customize used clothing. I am always on the go and would rather take my laptop to a cafe to write and observe than take a nap which I am unable to do anyway. When all else fails I cook and paint stuff to hang all over the house—the paintings, not the food.

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    • Up Nairobi
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    • BA Politics Philosophy and Economics