Agni13, Master of the Flames

Hey there, and welcome to my page!

I'm Agni, 19 years old from New Delhi, India. I'm a to-be collegiate and I ♥ science. I follow football a lot.

--------------------What I do-------------------

► Loot players for Gold. That is, if you have anything over 140K Gold in hand, you are at risk.
►Smash. Ladder, Board, anywhere. "Everyone likes a smasher Medal, right?" Feel free to quote back my words to me when you summon your Guild to drop five levels off me. I won't mind.
► Hunt Super Elites once a while, I think it's good sport when played solo. Here's when I solo-killed 10 SEs a row at level 195. I did that once also at level 70.

--------------------What I don't-------------------

► Disrespect anyone. If I have, and if in case you were offended by something I said, tell me. I'll make up for it.

► Tolerate disrespect or threats. Is it so hard to play a game calmly without flaming someone online? Do you realise your threats are so ineffective because once I've done my deed (smashing, looting) there's no undoing that?

► Give up. Doesn't matter if you are a Fracker, or a Warrior King, or Wicked, or an Evil Dead, or anyone. With all due respect, if I feel threatened, I will hit back. Doesn't matter if you delevel me to level ONE, or if it is your WHOLE guild vs. me alone, I won't stop and will do everything I can to damage you.


I started the game back in Dec. '13, but left in a day or two. I restarted the game in Jan. '15 and since then I got my Super Elite, Fragmenter, Bolster, Smasher, Artisan, Titan, Dominance all in the period of 2 months.

I've been in a few guild, and I'm thankful towards them:

► Eternal Legends 13-49

► Pulling Together 49-75

► Fallen Alliance 75-now

I ♥ the Nightmare Visage and Keen Edge buffs!

I have never finished anything but FIRST in the PvP Ladder.

I love my Deepwater Choker; it was the first Epic I bought and it's pretty epic :P

I love Attack Defence oriented setups.