Agnieszka Zdebiak


It can be considered that my career and career plans developed quite surprisingly. After high school I wanted to build airplanes, but then it was only possible after graduating of military school, and women after graduating university of technology could design only helicopters – for me it's not the same. I was very good at math, I participated and won many math competitions and I could choose any university, but in these times military colleges did not accept women. So I chose to study computer science and today I’m designing systems, which are used by more people than Boeing flies, and perhaps even all the planes in the world flies...

Currently I am working as the expert for one of the largest Polish insurer and run BigBit company providing solutions and services in ​Big Data area, embedded in the Open Innovation trend.

By 2014, I founded DataSci Foundation, whose aim is to integrate the academic and business leading to the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about Big Data and the promotion of interdisciplinary education in the Data Scientist direction.