Agnieszka Klimek


Agnieszka Klimek


Passionate about communication - meaning, hues, emotions, registers & metaphors.

Interpreting is like meditating. Being in the moment.

Simultaneous, Consecutive & Chouchotage Interpreting

EXPERIENCE: in business, marketing, market research, management, training, international politics, diplomacy, military, psychology, medicine and personal growth:

Negociations for the European Commission and the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development on ESF, Oct. 2014

​VII European Economic Forum, Łódź, Oct. 2014

​Orthodontics Training, Warsaw, Sept. 2014

V International Coaching Conference, Feb. 2014

STGU 2013, International Conference on Visual Identification & Applied Graphics,

QlikView Business Discovery World Tour, Conference on Business Analytics, 1 day simultaneous interpreting, 2013

Open GLAM (Galeries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Zachęta Galery, simultaneous interpreting, 2013, 1 day,

Zen Coaching Evening public presentation at Kozminski University, 2013, consecutive interpreting

The Recall Healing for Gillbert Renaud – The Polish Recall Healing Institute - case studies, 1 day consecutive interpreting, 2013

Satsang, Aisha Salem, 7 day consecutive interpreting, 2013

Body & Mind Seminar, Zen Coaching & Dance for Hanne Pedersen, at Life Coaching, Collegium Civitas, 1 day consecutive interpreting 2013

Tantra for Women for dr Shakti Mari Malan, consecutive interpreting, 2013

Coaching Constallations in Business Seminar for John Whittington, Kozminski University, consecutive interpreting, 2013

Seminar The Journey: "How I healed myself from cancer" for Brandon Bays, 4 day simultaneous interpreting, Warsaw 2013

Ist International Conference on Positive Psychology, SWPS, 2 day simultaneous interperting, Sopot 2013

2nd International Coaching Conference, Kozminski University, Leadership in Coaching for John Scherer, 2 day consecutive interpreting, 2013

translation into Polish of book "Divine Sexuality. The Joy of Trantra" published under the Polish title "Święta seksualność", 2013

​The Reconnection by Eric Pearl for Pat Atanas & the team, 5 day simultaneous interpeting, Warsaw, 2012

  • Work
    • Agnieszka Klimek Hear NOW
  • Education
    • 2012, Postgraduate Studies, Center of Translation Studies, Sosnowiec
    • 2002, Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University