Agnieszka Wodzińska

art historian in Scotland

I am an art historian, researcher, and writer, interested in counter-hegemonic cultural practices. I like to look at (modern and contemporary) art through the lenses of environmental humanities and politicised embodiment.

I currently teach at Glasgow School of Art and Edinburgh College of Art.

I sometimes write about art and culture for the Institute of Network Cultures and Metropolis M.


I taught art history and theory at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

I was the Art Criticism tutor at Vrije University Amsterdam in the Contemporary Art History specialisation.

I was a seminar tutor for a new ACPA course at Universiteit Leiden, Social and Ecological Justice Activism in the Visual Arts.

I was a guest speaker at Institute of Network Cultures' In-Between Media Conference, where I spoke about politicised aesthetics on TikTok in the case of the recent (as of early 2023) “corecore” trend. You can watch the recording of the conference here.

I wrote for Kunstlicht vol. 42 no. 3-4 "Worldliness of Oil" about the anti-capitalist properties of water in moving-image and still-image art.

I wrote for Kunstlicht vol. 41 "On Representation" about the visual language of intensive animal farming in the Capitalocene.

I was a guest speaker on the HMM's and Impakt's event about online cultures, where I discussed the politics of cottagecore - I was also interviewed about this topic for NPO3 (in Dutch).


I wrote a text for the "PrtScn: The Lazy Art of Screenshot" about learning and belonging via the Duolingo interface.

I edited the publication Theory on Demand no. 41 "Pandemic Exchange," available here, about artists' experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My poem "Vigil" appeared in the unicorn zine by plantbot publishing.

My essay on growing up queer in Poland, "When the Curtain Falls," was published in The Bi-ble vol. 2 in 2019.

I featured in Episodes 5 and 6 of Dr. Sadie Ryan's Accentricity podcast, disccussing my experiences with queer identity and the English language.

I created a poetry zine reflecting on the label of a migrant in the UK, and considering how Brexit impacts it.

I helped to organise Glasgow Women's Library collaborative feminist art project She Made the Library.


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  • Education
    • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • University of Glasgow