Agnivrat Naishthik

Researcher and scintiste in Jalore, India

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I am Agnivrat Naishthik, a Vaidic Scientist, Philosopher, Author. I am deeply interested in physics. My favorite subject is to find out the secrets of atomic, nuclear, particle physics, and cosmology from the Vedas. I am doing research in vaidic science since 2004. My aim is to know the deep secrets of the universe. I am writing preliminary interpretation on the Rigveda’s Brahmin (Aitarey Brahmin) under the Vaidic Vangmaya (the Vaidic literature). It is only I, who has tried to understand the scientific significance of this Granth (book) for the last to three thousand years. I feel that in modern physics, there are many serious troubles, their solutions are expected. I think modern sciences can get direction from the Vaidic science.

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