Andro Goblon

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Project Manager in Novo mesto, Slovenia

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When I've started studying civil engineering, I did not imagine, that somewhere in my career there is an opportunity for coaching, leading workshops for business model generation and so on. My goals was, of course, tottaly different and I have seen myself as bridge builder. Nowadays, I build a little different bridges.

I've started my career as a counselor for architects with the knowledge on energy efficient design of buildings which further evolved in principles of sustainable design and circular economy.

At that time I also worked as energy auditor. After five years I've found myself in education, as a lecturer. I have been there nine years when new opportunity moved me to work on EU projects. Step by step I was closer to my present passion, business model design and innovation. With using simple Canvas (but with deep understanding of how to use this tool, of course) organizations and individuals can find opportunities to innovate, development or self development. Yes, I like to help people to find better opportunities for themselves.

In the meanwhile, somewhen through the journey of my life, I met with Argentine tango. Another passion.