Andrew Goldenberg

Andrew Goldenberg is a technology blogger, a technophile, a graphics design enthusiast and a web design and social media expert.

Andrew grew up in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and has always had a passion for technology! A large portion of his time is spent learning about technology. What makes it tick, and what makes it popular!

Andrew is also an avid gamer. He enjoys World of Warcraft as well as several first person shooter titles from Counter-Strike to Call of Duty.

Andrew considers himself a movie buff. He enjoys seeing as many movies as he can when time permits. Some of his favorites are The Boondock Saints, Gamer, The Saw Series, Nightmare on Elm Street Series, and The Puppet Master Series.

Andrew also loves to cook. He hasn't created any of his own recipes as of yet, however he does enjoy following the recipes of others which usually end up with delicious results.

Andrew is in the process of starting a Web Design, Hosting, and Social Media company named Digital Eh? With his passion for tech, and his enthusiasm for continuous learning keeps him ahead of the game with all things tech, and social!

Andrew is a fan of rock and punk rock. Among his favorite bands are Blink 182, Box Car Racer, +44, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Imogen Heap, American Hi-Fi, The Ataris, and many more!