Agostino Ferraro

Computer in Villafranca di Verona, Italia

Agostino Ferraro

Computer in Villafranca di Verona, Italia

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I like to develop my mind to understand why I am alive,Why is my body and what should I do to cooperate with the designs of the universe.

I don’t like people who accumulate useless data and creates artificial behaviorplagiarized from important people.

I like to respect others by not narcissistic deviations of others but by their internal development.

I don’t like people whose mind knows not rest in silence,whose heart criticize others without ceasing,whose sex lives unfulfilledwhose body is poisoned without knowing grateful to be alive,

Each second of life is a sublime gift.

I like become old because time dissolves and retains essentially superfluous.I don’t like people that lie to the children moorings makes superstitions.I don’t like to have a Pope who preaches without sharing your soul with a High Priestess.I don’t like that religion is in the hands of men who despise women.

I like to collaborate and not competeI like to discover in each being the eternal jewel might be called the God within ..

Idon’t like art that celebrates its performer.I like art that heals.

I don’t like people too stupid

I like anything that provokes laughter.I like to meet my suffering, voluntarily, in order to expand my consciousness. -alejandro jodorowsky -

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