Agota Eva Ruzsa

Budapest, Hungary Central Eastern Europe

Ágota Éva Ruzsa, holistic coach&facilitator, Budapest, Hungary. Seems like my life growth in decades. Dedicated to bridge making

Agota has specialized in developing capacities to facilitate systemic and transformative dialogues to enhance collective intelligence for community building along the line of the principles of learning organizations. Studied and practiced large group systemic facilitation with Billie Alban, Barbara Benedict Bunker, Juanita Brown and others and has been studying Mindfullness based approaches from John Heron, Gillian Wright and Jon Kabat-Zinn which she applies in facilitation and coaching.
She also worked for training change management consultants for the CHAMP programme as a PricewaterhouseCoopers programme in Hungary, which later on grew into regional development and sustainability and Roma community and youth leaders development projects in local areas mostly run and offered by UNDP regional office or EU Youth in Action programmes. She is a sub-contracted consultant to Mercer Germany as well as Synovations and of SOL Coaching Community.
She holds the Hungarian licence for Team Syntegrity a strategic and project development approach of Stafford Beer of systems thinking and management cybernetics.
She has a wide range of experience with multinationals, SMEs, NGO and educational and PA sector as well as in rural development in deprived regions.

She taught
Literature and English in a Grammar School
English at the University of Economics in the 1980s,
Director of Studies at IH, in Budapest
Dialogue processes inc.TWC and OS at the Communcation Institute of the Pázmány P.University of Hungary,
Emergent Leadership at CEU BS.

She held a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Club of Budapest, Hungarian Association, where she is still a creative member I also held a seat on the Board of Trustees of Global SoL until 2015.

At present, Ms. Ruzsa is Chair of the Board of Trustees for Learning Organisations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary,

  • Work
    • teacher, educator, Consultant, coach, facilitor
  • Education
    • HPRG, Univ. of Surrey- counsellor, coach, community dev.
    • ELTE, MA
    • MIT, OLC-Dialogue and OL
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • AoH-TWC, Dialogue,etc