Agozeee Jrs

Hello, everybody. Allow me to introduce myself. My complete name is Achmad AgusTari Justa. Please call me Agus. I was born in Soppeng, August 10th 1998. Now, I’m 14 years. I live at Indonesia, Sulawasi Barat. You may step by one day because I’m happy if my friends come over and hang out together in my house and do such a great activity. My hobby is watching box office movie. One of my favourite movies is Armageddon. It is such an amazing movie and I always cry although I have watched it thousand times.

I also like listening to music. I especially like classical and jazz music very much. I have about 400 music CDs at home, and I listen to music almost every evening. I also like live music, so I often go to concerts and cafe where I can enjoy live performance. Takoyaki is my favourite food. The taste is spicy. I like it a lot because I like all the food which is spicy because it makes me so hot.

I have an eldest sister, her name is Nawai and a youngest sister, her name is Naomi. I am the second child in my happy family. My father is a bussinessman and my mother is a house wife. I am a friendly person, so I hope we can make a fancy friendship here. Well, that’s the end of my self introduction. Thank you for your attention. Good day and have a nice day.

Nama : Achmad Agustari Justa [@Agozeee]
TTL : 10 Agustus 1998 Watan Soppeng. Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia
Gender : Cowok kok
Sekolah : SMP Negeri 1 Wonomulyo
Kelas : IX G "Sembilan G"
Tempat Tinggal : Wonomulyo. Sulawasi Bara, Indonesia
Umur : 14 Tahun
Interested in : Cewek Lucu. bukan Cantik. Lucu dan Cantik boleh ;)
Cita-cita : Dari kecil pengen jadi Pencipta Teknologi Tercanggi Di Dunia
Zodiak : Leo
Hobi : Bermain layangan di atas angan-angan wanita
IQ : 88%
Sikap : Cool Jerh
Shio : Kurang tau juga sii
Motto : Hati satu pacar seribu
Pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanya : Kamu kenapa ganteng banget..? Menurut L.....