Aaron G. Prosser

Husband, Father, and Anglican Priest in Transit to New Post!

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I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, following God in each day of sunshine or storm. By a long and winding road He continues to guide me as I serve Him. I’ve served in Georgia, Wisconsin, and California, and am now underway to a new place of service to begin in September 2020 with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). With three younger children and this place to serve and grow in, who knows what God has in store?

Even in the midst of a grand journey, the details can seem rather ordinary. You will find me continually tidying up from my children (or directing chores!), reading books, drinking Twinings herbal teas, researching distant kinfolk, dispatching letters a few states away or around the world, fiddling with my amateur radio, and otherwise being curious about the world around me!

I delight in meeting others as our roads cross, and I would rather talk with you than play with all of the glittering devices supposedly designed to help us connect.

  • Work
    • In Transition!
  • Education
    • Nashotah House Theological Seminary
    • Toccoa Falls College