Andrew Grathwohl


I am a digital audio expert based out of New York City. Age 25. Composer, hacker, squash competitor, free software proponent, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and most of all: a direhard lover of the arts and sciences of sound.

I believe that the sonic arts are humanity's most sacred form of expression. The digital and data-driven age we are entering presents exciting prospects for the future of audio - this is the ideal I find myself chasing today. Specifically, I am exploring the newly-revitalized sonic art of storytelling, an art that originated from oral tradition. I am thrilled by the prospects of combining the latest in technological innovation with the ancient grandeur of the spoken voice.

Professionally, my passions reside in self-service audio creation platforms. This rather unique specialization is one I acquired through my explorations of digital audio from a software development context. At Audible's "Audiobook Creation Exchange," I owned the design and implementation of the automated audio QC platform that eventually spawned its own internal department. It now informs much of the Amazon ecosystem of any audio bugs in its media content, on-the-fly.

I am available for consultation work. Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries. And yes, you can definitely pay me in Bitcoin.

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