Ankur Agrawal

New Jersey

Ankur is a computer scientist currently working as an assistant chair and assistant professor of computer science at Manhattan College in New York City. He got his doctorate in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2013. His research interests include medical informatics, ontologies, object-oriented database, data mining and semantic web.

Ankur is currently working on devising automated and semi-automated techniques, lexical and non-lexical ways to make auditing of medical terminologies more efficient. His current research domain involves a medical terminology called SNOMED which is maintained by IHTSDO, UMLS and OCRe. He uses Java and Oracle for his programming needs.

Ankur has previously worked in the Remote Sensing Lab at NJIT for a year in 2008-09 where he worked on devising techniques to analyse satellite and in situ data to study the impact of climate change on coastal water quality, especially, in the NY-NJ area.

One of Ankur's paper was awarded a distinguished paper award at AMIA 2013. Another of his paper was among the finalists for the best student paper award at MedInfo 2013. Ankur received the Manhattan College summer research grant in 2014.

Ankur has also been teaching several courses in computer science at the undergraduate level such as database systems, data mining, algorithms, MATLAB programming, C++ programming, Python programming, JAVA programming, simulation and modeling, computer network and software engineering.

Ankur has also been activily involved in service. He was the president of the Graduate Student Association at NJIT from Apr 2010 to Apr 2012. He was also the President of DeepCS, the College of Computing Sciences Graduate Student Association in 2009-10. He was also a voting member of the NJIT Presidential Search committee and NJIT Shared Governance committee besides many others. At Manhattan College, Ankur has been involved in assessment and accreditation committee and strategic planning committee in the department of computer science.

Ankur is the receipent of NJIT Presidential Leadership Award in 2012 and the NJIT Outstanding Graduate Class Award in 2011.

  • Work
    • Computer Scientist
  • Education
    • Phd, Computer Science