Pranshu Agrawal

Pranshu Agrawal

Hello All...

I am an 20 year old enthusiast, a photographer by passion and an engineering student by choice ( OMG HOW LUCKY I AM :P ).

I love doing photography and nature attracts me like hell... Started my Photography with my Dad's Negetive SLR and then switched to a Point and Shoot Nikon P90 and now a days i hold my favourite DSLR Canon 7D with a monster Sigma 500mm Lens in my hands...

And thats not all, i love my computer as well. I consider myself to be pretty good in Core Programming (with C++/JAVA),

I will rate myself as 4.5 out of 5 in web designing and technologies I mainly work on are PHP, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, MySQL. Frameworks i am comfortable with are D3.js, Metro.js and Bootstrap.js. And i am pretty comfortable with WordPress, Drupal. I work on android development as well.

For a brief about my projects i have work on, you can go through my 2 page resume.

You can download My Complete Resume from here.