Alena Grechina

Hello everyone! I don't want to overburden you by lots of facts about me. Just key points to form a picture.

I'd studied for a very-very-very loooong time, that's why I have 3 diplomas from 3 universities in 2 countries. It was a great time.

I've been working since 17 yo. I'd worked in insurance, accountancy, advertising (buying & media planning) when one day there was a sign – strategic marketing.

Since that time I've worked with lots of clients in different categories (finance, insurance, realty, pharmacy, auto, FMCG, toys, luxury goods and etc.)

Now I'm going to continue my way.

If you want to know more about my experience, please, have a look at this resume (sorry, but there is only russian version right now, but if you need it in english, please, contact me).

And don't hesitate to join me on facebook or email me.

Good luck!