Raziyah Faraha

Washington, DC

Entrepreneur. Innovative Executor. Inspirational Writer. Visionary. Raziyah was born and reared in Newark, New Jersey. Her passion for life, living and loving, which was evident by the age of 10, compelled her to save her allowance in order to adopt a child from South Africa. This act of compassion albeit re-awakened by a “Save the Children” commercial, was the very beginning of Raziyah’s road to leaving the world better than how she discovered it. Subsequently, and by the age of 12, Raziyah grew active in multiple community organizations. Further, and as a blossoming teenager, she lent her voice to causes such as civilians against police brutality by attending rallies and boycotts on the streets of New York City. Upon discovering she was pregnant at the age of 19, she educated women on the plethora of benefits associated with breastfeeding and formed a breastfeeding support group. Raziyah would continue to live passionately and develop programs that would assist in elevating the consciousness of others evident by a string of businesses she would begin to establish – all with the foundational purpose of self-actualization and self elevation. For example, in 1997 while vacationing in the Caribbean, Raziyah had a vision of bringing women together in a forum to dialogue about diverse aspects of womanhood and ways to attain individual tangible and non-tangible successes. The vision lead to her first retreat and the retreat gave birth to a woman’s group entitled, “The Time for Healing.” To that end, Raziyah continued her travels and worked with a multicultural group for over 9 years. Along the way, Ms. Hogans acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on literature and philosophy. Soon thereafter, Raziyah furthered her education in Accounting with a concentration in Taxes and Auditing. Crisis Management training and education in the healing art of Reiki immediately ensued. Ms. Hogans also acquired experience in Work & Life Balance and Event Planning. And, in 2004, a new company was born, NuJourney, LLC. NuJourney, LLC was a special event planning company with a smartness of style.

Today, Ms. Hogans is the owner of Running Things, LLC – a do it for you company, so you can do more with your time. She is also the owner of Agreeable, Sweet, Joy Projects.

Remaining a natural leader who lives the example, Ms. Hogans believes in the power of leading by example, and as such exudes self confidence as well as the continued