Agri Asia

Agro ecological approaches are enlarging being renownedas the way forward for the nutritional security,livelihood security and food of the small and marginal farmers around theglobe. A principal based objective of this approach is to enhance productivitythrough ecological practices and strengthen soil fertility. You will find a large number of farmers inIndia adopting such practices, however; still extension system and mainstreamagricultural research are yet sceptical about agro ecological farming. Thisspecific scepticism is blocking the investments in research and also scaling upwith the recent models. Now this is the real context and to overcome such similarcontext Agri-Asia is organizing a three-day conference on ‘Agriculture Exhibition in India’ on 10th, 11thand 13th of September, 2015 at Ahmedabad.

The primary objectives of this conferenceare

· To make available a forum on the present stateof science and practise of agro-ecology, together with the initiatives acrossthe country

· Make aware with thecontributions of agro ecological techniques towards social, economic andenvironmental friendly sustainability

· To build up a policy frameworkfor the considerations of national and state governments

This can be a primary call for abstractsregarding papers about ‘Agriculture Technology and farming throughagro-ecological method’ with regard to the following areas:

· Productivity through agroecological techniques

· Soil Health

· Water management

· Cropping systems

· Incorporated farming systems

· Seed breeding and Cropimprovement

This will be a perfect occasion for agroecological initiatives coming across the country to publicly present their workto a large audience of experts, members of private sectors, civil societymembers along with policy makers.