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An Actor Grovels

An Actor Grovels

An Actor Grovels is an exploration of the casting director "payola" scheme, going on for nearly 30 years in Hollywood, where casting professions - currently casting and seeking actors - accept a fee from eager and aspiring actors to meet them and watch them perform, often in one-on-one interviews.

These interviews and performances are conducted in what are called "workshops" . While there can be valuable information provided in such events, the primary intent of these workshops is to provide access - for a fee - to the casting profession via a performance, which is an actor's audition.

The book examines the history and evolution of pay-for-access workshops, the laws and guidelines meant to rein in the abuse, and ultimately the unabashed exploitation by too many in the casting profession of the dreams and aspirations of actors in the entertainment industry.

An Actor Grovels is a must-read for all aspiring actors as well as all professionals in the entertainment industry, and is written from the perspective of a working casting director - and someone who has been an insider to the scheme for nearly 3 decades.