Andrew G Snaden

Musician in Nailsea, United Kingdom

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Born and bred in North Somerset, I spent much of my life in Portishead before moving around somewhat. I am something of a musician playing accordion, keyboard and harmonica, an Aspie plagued by suffering from ME/CFS and a lifelong Catholic. Most of all, I'm an optimist: that optimism has kept me going through my illness over 30 years or so. But, after a month of very hot weather in July (2013) when I had much more enrgy than normal, when the British summer went back it's normal cold and wet I felt the effects of ME again. However, since then my energy and thinking abilities have improved, first in little steps but those upward steps have become bigger and bigger. Now in December, I feel nearly well again being able to much more for much longer! I can only put this down to finding things that affect me detrimentally and eliminating them including foods I am allergic to. See this:

Well, some weeks on, my health is improving, some days I feel like I never had ME, but the biggest improvement is that the "brain fog" common with this illness is clearing! I can think more lucidly instead of feeling like I have had some strong drinks! Wahay!!!!!

Some months further on, I have been up and down but with more good days than I have had for many years. I think eliminating things that I am allergic to, mostly coconut not just in food but personal care and cleaning products. With the discovery of coconut free shower gel and shampoo, and now a natural cleaning product, namely soap nut shells, I may have won the war!


I have updated some of my links and added new ones like Vivaldi and Pinterest.

  • Work
    • Now retired but I'd like to get involved in a band
  • Education
    • St Bernadette Secondary School, Bristol.