Steve Lynch

Artist and Student in Delaware

Steve Lynch

Artist and Student in Delaware

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Steve Lynch, LMT, AAS/Holistic Health, CTE, Trainer/Sculptor/Writer/Musician/HUMAN!

I am a Sculptor /Artist
Iam a Musician / Writer
I am a Instructor/ Student
ART, to me is not one thing. I am beginning to appreciate, the pure genius of all people, in every conceivable human endeavor.

In the "ART" world, everyone is quick to ask, what your medium is, what is your genre ? What school of artists you subcribe to, etc.?

My answer is not always what the one questioning wants to hear.

Quite simply, I am an ARTIST. Today I sculpt. Maybe representative, maybe abstract, contemporary. Tomorrow, maybe I paint within the impressionist genre. Maybe I write music, blues with a neoclassical twist .

To me the medium and genre are irrelevant. It is only that I immerse myself completely in the joy of creation and that people feel it:)

ART is many things to many people. Mostly, it is:)

Steve Lynch 01/14/2014

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