Alex Guerrero

Madrid, Spain

Project 1: Norton Impact is a High-Education and In-Company training service that will add value to your company through:
- Persuasion and high-impact business presentation skills. Mastering your company in the 3 key steps for awesome business pitches and presentations: content, design and delivery.
- Shorter, efficient, visual and fun professional meetings through visual thinking and gamestorming techniques. Sounds good, right?.
- Showing your company how to design and find the ROI of social media marketing.

Project 2: silentrevolution is an innovative marketing boutique specialized in co-creating your brand with thousands of customers, #influencers and #adprosumers that are shaping the future of marketing through a silentrevolution in social media.

  • Work
    • Norton Impact & silentrevolution
  • Education
    • Mass Communication & Marketing, Western Kentucky University.