Stephanie Aguilar

Matching Specialist in Los Angeles, California, United States

I was born on Christmas Day in a suburb of Los Angeles County, the year the Dodgers won the World Series. I grew up with two younger brothers who followed me around until I went to UCLA where I discovered my passion for the ice cream cookie sandwich. After college, I worked for various nonprofits before I joined the Peace Corps, where I became a Health and Community Development Volunteer in Burkina Faso. The capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou - try saying that three times fast. During those two years, I worked in maternity health and was the founder of the Midwife Club, a collaborative group of midwives from eight surrounding villages who advocated for expectant mothers to have their babies at the maternity clinic instead of in their respective huts. Together, we doubled prenatal visits, decreased home births, and increased contraceptive use by 50%. Overseeing the Midwife Club sparked my interest in being part of an administrative team and running nonprofits. I saw that with a well-managed nonprofit organization, I can make a much larger impact on the number of lives served than I can as a single individual. In the long run, I can empower others to make differences in the world around them. After Burkina Faso, I started working with Big Brothers Big Sisters and have been matched for four years with my Little Sister. My mentee and I love watching Dodgers baseball, eating ice cream cookie sandwiches, and our favorite holiday is Christmas (go figure). Mentoring works!

Amateur runner. Annual reader of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” World traveler. Fractured my humerus and did not laugh about it.

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    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
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    • University of California Los Angeles