Shirley Aguilar

North White Plains

Hello! I'm Shirley. I am currently in my second year in Westchester Community College, majoring in Liberal Arts: Math and Science. I am looking foward to transferring to a CUNY school, possibly Lehman College. Throughout my short life, I have always been pretty active. I have a passion for working out, eating and keeping myself busy. Unfortuantely I have some severe allergies such as pollen and seafood, and animal fur, so I never got a chance to own an puppy. I love try and experience new things. I consider myself hardworking and like to strive for the best. I have a loving family that I am extremely thankful for and appreicate dearly. I am very close with older sister, we are so co-dependent with one another, she is basically my best friend. On my spare time I like to draw, paint, read manga, watch anime or play video games.

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