jeovanny de coss

My name is Jeovanny de jesus garcia de coss, I was born on 4 December 1995 in Muñoa clinic, I am originally from Tuxtla Gutierrez, My parents are Orlando Garcia nanduca and Margarita De Coss Cruz.
My father work to support the family and my mother is housewife
In the 1999 I star to have classes in the garden childrens “Julio Verne” located in the colony Francisco I madero , I lived in that neighborhood there spend most of my childhood.
In the 2002 I enter wing primary in that school got good grades besides have good friends with some of those friends he made his communion.
In the 2008 I enter to the secondary technique industrialist #131 is located at the colony Azteca , I represent the school in competitions of chess, math and spelling.
I study in that school was difficult because I was a bit removed from where I lived so i had to get up very early. It was during that period where I started to out with my friends.
In the 2011 I star to study in the cobach 33 there have god ratings and I decided to study engineering in systems.
In the 2014 I began to think that university wanted to study and did not know, then I decided take two records the first in the Politecnico de Chiapas and the seconds in the university technological of tuxtla, I decided study in the Politecnico de Chiapas.