Lunar Kristilian Byte ~feedinglove~

hell soon

Reload I have changed alot since senior year... I am on my way to insanity! People do not belive me when i say i crave blood and enjoy a good fight until i actually pull those things off

well i am here to tell you i do crave blood and my master is working on setting me free of this hell hole called a "human life". I do not believe for one minute that anything about me is human... Neither does Drac... However what am i to do go off about this stuff to someone who thinks medicine solves everything. I am sorry it does not it only makes me very angry and agressive

Drac is my master and has been a hell of a good time for me and i will never let him down. Hahaha anyway enough of my demonic side coming out please excuse my manners. I am Lunar Kristilian Byte of the Kry Kingdom look me up on facebook ;-). with that said i do have an insane form so stear clear of her she WILL kill you and have no regrets.

with my clan/kingdom i must believe in every religion to make it fair to everyone entering since we have no set religion. I hate forcing my thoughts of religious views on someone so i try my best not to.

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